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"We are dedicated to our customers and pride ourselves in customer communication."


Modernization, Service & Maintenance Sales

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Modernization, Service & Maintenance Sales


Modernization, Service & Maintenance Sales

Quality Allied Elevator has grown into one of the largest independent elevator service companies in Canada.

Quality Allied Elevator has a long history in the Greater Toronto Area as a locally owned and operated elevator service and maintenance company for almost 30 years, the company has grown tremendously in no small part due to our “customer first” attitude.

We take pride in our service and many of our customers have still remained valuable partners from the very beginning.

We serve all members of the community and are committed to accessibility for Ontarians (AODA) with our policy.

About Us

We value our customers!

Communication is an integral part of our business. We are one of the few companies that does not have an automated or integrated voice mail system. When you call us during regular business hours, you will ALWAYS be speaking with a live person on the other end of the line.

The employees at Quality Allied Elevator are committed to responding to your questions and supporting you by ensuring that you speak with the correct person based on your inquiry. Our after-hours service is also a live service and have access to both our on-call technicians and on-call supervisors.

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Why Choose Us for your GTA Elevator Service?

Large, full service, fully equipped, commited company.

Quality Allied Elevator is large enough to service all of your requirements but small enough to have the flexibility required to meet your needs in a constantly changing market.

Quality Allied Elevator services the Greater Toronto Area. We are a full service elevator company maintaining approximately 2,500 elevators while providing 160 modernizations annually.

Our technicians drive fully stocked vehicles and are in constant communication with our  Dispatch Centre. Our technicians service fewer elevators per route to provide each customer with superior service.

  • I would recommend Quality Allied Elevator to any building owner, or Property Managers who is looking to start modernization project on their existing equipment, repairs and regular maintenance service.
    They understand the importance of time and commitment to their customers. They have capable and reliable staff to do the job.
    The Mangers and technicians are very friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond to our needs. I truly recommend Quality Allied Elevator for any modernization project or regular maintenance. – Bilal
  • I have to say that I never worked with an elevator company that cares more than just about elevating devices, but much more about their people and clients. I am happy with their services and can rest assured that their technicians and management staff are always thinking outside the box to bring innovative ideas to the table when we have issues. I truly recommend QAE for any modernization project or regular maintenance services contract. Two thumbs up!!! – Carlos
  • They have a great team over at Quality Allied Elevator. As a supplier for them, they are a pleasure to work with and overall great people. – Aravinth
  • I have worked with Quality Allied Elevators for over two years. They treat customers and employees as family. The customer service they provide is outstanding.- Chris

Elevator Services

Elevator Modernization

Did you know that a residential elevator can make more than 700 starts in one day?

A commercial or institutional elevator can make more than 1,000 starts per day. That’s more than 250,000 starts each and every year! Even after years of reliable service you may need to consider upgrading your elevator. Meeting the changing needs of your building, meeting code requirements, competing with more modern buildings, and increasing safety and reliability are some reasons to consider when upgrading your elevator.

With a proven track record, Quality Allied Elevator specializes in modernizing all brands of elevators which enable us to complete work quickly and efficiently to minimize down time and disruption.

Elevator Maintenance

The goal and driving force behind QAE’s maintenance program is safety, reliability and service!

We have developed comprehensive, preventative maintenance programs that result in your elevator performing at the highest level possible. This approach reduces unnecessary downtime while maximizing your equipment’s life cycle.

To accomplish our goal, we rely on our highly trained technicians and well equipped vehicles to meet your needs. Protecting your capital investment, enhancing your buildings operation and image is our commitment to providing the highest quality service to our customers.

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Major Elevator Repairs

Quality Allied Elevators' skilled service crews...

Can do all types of major repairs, quickly and efficiently, while minimizing down time of the elevator.

Obselete Parts

Many elevators are well over 25 years old.

Many components cannot even be purchased anymore. QAE harvests many obsolete parts when modernizing elevators, to try to keep the old elevators operating until a modernization can be planned. 

Quality Allied Elevator Events

Congratulations Andre Meyer!
Andre is the latest recipient of the 2021 TSSA Safety Award
in recognition of his continuous commitment to doing it right


Every year our staff chooses a Charitable Organization to support. In 2018 through various fund raising efforts and company matched donations, we raised $4,000.00 toward the Covenant house! We were invited for a tour of the charity and even had the pleasure of meeting some of the young residents there.


Our Annual Charity Golf Tournament


Phil Staite & Phil Jr at our Annual Charity Golf Tournament


Jeff & Jennifer


The girls


The golf tournament champs!


Annual Charity Golf Tournament


Annual Charity Golf Tournament


Annual Charity Golf Tournament


Annual Charity Golf Tournament-Phil & Ben


Annual Charity Golf Tournament - Cory & Dave


Annual Charity Golf Tournament - Dan & Beth


Annual Charity Golf Tournament - Andre & Cheryl


Annual Charity Golf Tournament


Annual Charity Golf Tournament


Annual Charity Golf Tournament - Beth, Phil Jr & Jenna Staite


Annual Charity Golf Tournament


Jamie's Annual Clothing Drive


Every Dog has It's Day


Every Dog has It's Day - Bruiser


Christmas Charity - Make a Wish Foundation


Christmas Charity - Make a Wish Foundation

QAE's Toronto Humane Society pet drive organized by the Rigging Department

QAE's Golf Tournament for Mental Health

GTA Toronto Property

Basic Understanding of Elevators Course

Target audience: superintendents, assistant superintendents, property managers and assistants, operations personnel and building owners who would like to know the workings of one of their key pieces of infrastructure.

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Topics covered:

  • Typical daily checks (generic checklist to be developed)
  • What to look for to prevent chargeable service calls
  • Dealing with trapped passengers, assessing the situation, when to call 911 etc,
  • What information to get before making the service call for an entrapment
  • What can wait until the next maintenance visit and what can’t
  • How to make an inquiry from the service provider
  • Q&A with an elevator professional, experienced in all aspects of elevating devices and situations arising from equipment failure
  • Understanding elevator “lingo” or terminology
  • Whatever the company’s key needs are!

In-class & On-site training available

Cost – $145.00 per person


For more information Contact:

Diane Cutler

(905) 305-0195


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Tips on Dealing with Entrapped Elevator Passengers



  • Do call our emergency service line, we treat entrapments seriously!
  • Do find out which floor the entrapment occurred and go to that floor, let the trapped passengers know that help is on the way
  • Do tell the passengers to remain calm and ensure them that they are safe
  • Do ask them to relax and sit down if they wish, tell them there are plentiful air openings in the elevator cab enclosure
  • Do have someone attend the front door of the building to meet the mechanic and assist in directing him to the proper floor without delay
  • Do stay with the passengers and keep communication lines open
  • Do advise them that depending on the time of day, it may take up to an hour for the mechanic to arrive, but that they are safe
  • Let the mechanic take charge of the entrapment once he arrives on site


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  • Do not attempt to force open the doors to evacuate passengers! They are safest to remain in the elevator.
  • Do not permit the passengers to force open the doors
  • Do not attempt to open the doors or move the elevator from the machine room
  • Do not call the fire dept. unless an extreme emergency (panicked passenger, fire, or damage)
  • Do not panic yourself, stay calm
  • Do not leave the passengers unattended and without communication


Before you call for service

  • In order to facilitate access to your location by our technicians, we advise that you install a lock box on the exterior of your building. The box should contain a door entry key and an elevator machine room key. Please advise of the lock box code so that we may retain a record of the information on file. Should your passengers evacuate prior to our technician arriving on site AND the elevator is running, please call us back and cancel the entrapment call.
  • Confirm that there is a problem especially if the problem was reported to you from another person. This may save you unnecessary expensive service calls.
  • Check to see if the elevator has been put on service, the stop switch has been activated or the run switch turned off.
  • Check for obstructions in the car and hall doors paying particular attention to the sill grooves.
  • Be sure that there is “full” power to your building.
  • Check to see if there are any trapped passenger(s).
  • Gather as much information as possible with respect to what the problem is. The more information given to the technician the quicker they may be able to get the elevator operational.

Machine room rules

  • Access to the elevator machinery room must be restricted to trained technicians and TSSA inspectors only, due to the severe danger posed by the rotating and high voltage equipment.
  • Storage of non-elevator related material is prohibited.
  • Electronic equipment can be affected by heat and humidity causing unsafe and unreliable performance. In order to obtain consistent safe operation the machine room temperatures should not exceed 10° to 32°C with a relative humidity no higher than 80%.As the Owner or Manager it is your responsibility to oversee the daily operation of your elevator. If problems or concerns arise you must attend to them immediately.

Elevator Housekeeping

  • Check the elevators on a regular basis for unusual operating conditions such as odd sounds, Leveling, etc. Should you discover something call immediately for service. If it is a safety issue, take the elevator out of service to avoid injury.
  • Inspect the elevator cab finishes for damage or sharp edges that may cause injury and rectify as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that the ceiling panels are properly secured.
  • Maintain proper lighting in the elevator cab.
  • Check the aluminum doorsill grooves regularly for dirt and debris. Debris in the grooves may interfere with door operation.In the event of a fire the elevators must not be used except for emergency personnel. Everyone should use the building stairwells to exit the building.If your staff is unsure of the operational procedure of the fire service ask your elevator contractor to instruct your staff on the system and its operation
  • If your elevator is equipped with manual Emergency Fire Service then it can be activated by your building staff to ready the elevator for the firefighters and prevent the general public from using the elevator. Some buildings are equipped with automatic systems that turn on automatically when the alarm is activated.

Fire Situations

In the event of a fire the elevators must not be used except for emergency personnel. Everyone should use the building stairwells to exit the building.

If your elevator is equipped with manual Emergency Fire Service then it can be activated by your building staff to ready the elevator for the firefighters and prevent the general public from using the elevator. Some buildings are equipped with automatic systems that turn on automatically when the alarm is activated.

If your staff is unsure of the operational procedure of the fire service ask your elevator contractor to instruct your staff on the system and its operation

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Memo to our valued customers

Quality Allied Elevator is committed to provide our customers the best service in the industry. We will continue to provide emergency call back service at no additional charge, but will invoice for the overtime premium for non-emergency callbacks.

Please follow the guidelines below if you encounter problems with your elevators.


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Office hours

Regular office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Between the hours of 4:30 pm and 8:00 am Monday to Friday (Note: calls received after 4:00 p.m. on weekdays are considered as an after hour call), all day Saturday and Sunday, and all statutory holidays are considered after normal working hours. During this time your call will be received by our answering service and promptly dispatched to the on call service technicians.

Emergencies after hours – No Additional Charge

Emergencies are considered to be:

-Person or persons trapped in elevator.

-No elevators working in the building over 5 floors.

-Fire involving elevator equipment.

-Water in elevator hoistway.

-Personal injury caused by elevator equipment.

-Greater than 50% of elevators not operating in one building.

If any of these situations should happen in your building, phone Quality Allied Elevator immediately. After you have phoned please stay by your phone or designate someone to stay by the phone, a service technician will be calling back as soon as possible to confirm your call. It is very important to us that your call be confirmed so that we can prioritize your call accordingly to provide you and our other customers the promptest service possible. Please note that there is a charge if we are not informed that the problem has cleared and the elevator technician arrives on site to find the elevator is running normally.

***Any situation that appears to be life threatening or of a serious personal injury nature phone 911 first!

Calls for non-emergency service after hours – Additional Charge

-At least 50% of the elevators are operating in one building.

-Elevator not operating in a building with 5 floors or less.

-Elevator not functioning properly.

There are many reasons you may find for calling for service after our normal working hours, and all are important to us.

If you are experiencing only a minor problem with the elevator and it can wait for the morning, please hold it until then, this will free up our technicians to deal with the major problems in a more timely fashion.

Things to check before calling for service

-If someone appears to be trapped, verify the situation personally before calling for service.

-If an elevator is not responding, find it and check that there is not someone simply holding it up or that there is not something blocking the door.

-If an elevator is not responding, find it and check that all key switches are in their proper positions.

-If the elevator is sitting at a floor with it’s door opening and closing, check for debris in the door tracks that might be jamming the door.

Things not to call in for service

The following is a short list of items not to call us for service. Some of these items however are covered under your maintenance contract and will be attended to when your technician makes his next maintenance visit. If a service call is placed for any of the below items, there may be an additional charge.

-Burned out hall or in car indicator bulbs. –Monthly/quarterly maintenance

-Burned out hall or car push button bulbs. –Monthly/quarterly maintenance

-The in car lighting is the building owners responsibility. (i.e. light bulbs and ballast.)

Tips to keeping your elevator working properly

-Keep your hall door and car door tracks clean, they are your responsibility, this will greatly improve the performance of your elevators.

-Have a watchful eye for vandalism. Vandalism is a major cause of elevator problems.

-Keep a detailed written record of problems that you may be having so that you can accurately explain to the service technician the problem.

-Make a list of the small problems (i.e. burned out bulbs malfunctioning key switches etc.) so that you can give it to the technician on his monthly visit.

-Ensure machine room temperature is kept between 10°C – 32°C (50°F – 90°F).


Please call us back if the elevator problem is cleared before we arrive


– We will be pleased to check your elevating system to find the cause of the problem but it can rarely be found if the elevator is running normally. Please note that there is a charge if we are not informed that the problem has cleared and the elevator technician arrives on site to find the elevator is running normally.


Thank you for your cooperation

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Excessive Heat in the Elevator Machine Room

During the summer many elevator machine rooms experience excessive heat causing the elevator equipment to malfunction. This can lead to entrapments, elevators going to incorrect floors, elevators missing floors, mis-leveling of the elevator and damage to the equipment. Passengers can trip and fall, causing injury, entering or exiting the elevator if it is not level to the floor. Please note that heat related malfunctions are beyond the scope of our maintenance contract and we are not responsible for the costs incurred.

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Our Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee have hi-lighted this as an area of concern for our technicians, machine rooms can get unbearably hot to enter.

For safe and proper operation of the elevator, the machine room temperature should be maintained between 10 C to 32 C at all times with the relative humidity controlled to ensure zero condensation.

Please check your elevator machine room(s) and see if they meet the criteria above. If your machine room is temperature controlled, we thank you. If it is not temperature controlled we recommend that you contact a heating and ventilation expert.

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GTA Elevator Jobs

To apply for employment or an apprenticeship with us please email your resume to info@qaelevator.ca

Apprenticeship Tips

  1. Take an EDM-T Safety course (www.elevatingdevicesacademy.com)
  2. Apply for your EDM-T with TSSA on completing the safety course.
  3. With an EDM-T you can apply to training programs at elevator companies.
  4. The employer should register you as an apprentice with MAESD and OCOT during the first week of your employment.
  5. Once registered as an apprentice you are put on the Durham or Mohawk College Elevating Devices Program list unless you have already completed the diploma program.
  6. The MAESD will send you a passport which is a record of your experience progress and must be kept with you at all times throughout your training career. Progress of your experience record must be signed off by your supervising EDM-A mechanic.
  7. To complete your apprenticeship and apply to write your EDM-A exam you must have :
    • Completely signed off passport
    • Durham or Mohawk College diploma & transcripts (DC program is 720 hours)
    • 8000 of trade experience (shop time counts towards this)
  8. Once all of the above items have been completed you may apply to write your EDM-A exam with TSSA.
  9. You must pass the exam with at least 70% in order to become a fully licensed mechanic.

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